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GSB Tx App

Our exclusive product named Hawkeye-GSB Tx app, this school bus GPS tracking app can use instead of hardware device.

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  1. Geodata detection: GPS Based on Geocordinate detection
  2. Tx Activity Monitor: Activity Log to monitor the Tx operation for admin
  3. Data Transfer: works with 2G,3G or 4G with any service provider
  4. Data Usage: Very low data usage below 180mb per month (on standard conditions)
  5. Speed Monitor: Speed Monitoring, Early Warning & Administrator Alert
  6. Configurable: Option to configure the primary control attributes as per scenario
  7. Secure Channel: Secure 2 Factor authentication System ensures high security data transmission
  8. Power of Mobile Hardware & OS : Harness the full potential and advantages of Android OS & the full advantage of the mobile hardware
  9. Critical Local Storage: Local storage of last dataset for quick use
  10. Easy Setup: You can download from Play Store over internet
  11. Easy upgrade of the application: Over internet